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Japanese Hoodies

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How to wear our Japanese hoodie collection?  

Drawstring or crew neck, with or without perspiration you will be dry in our collection of hoodies and sweatshirts directly inspired by Japan. Nothing could be simpler than choosing the logo that makes you fall for it. They are straight out of the kawaii universe of Japanese fashion in a Harajuku style. Ribbed logos on hooded or non hooded jumpers to complete your wardrobe with unique contours. It has the warmth of a cardigan, the softness of a plaid and seams as solid as on an armor: you will be dry and above all, warm in cool weather. Don't hesitate to take advantage of a slim cut made from a double ribbed knit which will revive even the most ragged-eyed. 

How to choose a hoodie from our Japanese range?

Available in 4 solid color blocks, our hoodies are all unisex so don't worry if you make gender mistakes. You should know, on our side, we have designed a classic cut at the crossroads of all shapes. Thus, the garments we offer are available in eight sizes to suit a wide variety of morphologies. To make the right choice for a hoodie in order to perfectly reflect the fundamental features of Harajuku fashion, you are in the best collection. You don't speak a word of Japanese? Our Hoodies as in Japan will give you the opportunity to start learning two or three Kenji!

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