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Why wear one of our Japanese sweaters?  

Japanese culture is an endless source of inspiration for designers, which seduces many fans of this culture. If you dream of Japan, you will certainly like our collection of Japanese pullover hoodie inspired perfectly by the land of the rising sun. Birthplace of many styles and fashions, wearing a cool Japanese hoodie will offer you a unique style. Whether it's with manga design or more cultural things like the great wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai. Unique and varied designs that only Japan can offer thanks to its strong and inspiring culture. 

A culture that you can wear with passion and comfort by choosing from our Japanese hoodies mens and womens and be proud to share with your friends and family. Designs also sometimes embellished with beautiful Japanese writing whether it is with hiragana, katakana or Japanese kanji for your eyes pleasure. So, it doesn't matter if you are an otaku fan of the Harajuku district or a person who likes more classic things. You will certainly find your joy among our pullover hoodies that mixes things like Japanese folklore and manga.

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