Lion Hoodies & Sweatshirts

What are the special features of our Lion range?

Our collection of hoodies with textured wild lion prints are the perfect addition to your closet for a majestic style inspired by the savannah. These brushed tops will complement your outfits with softness for a perfect style. Clothes that will keep you warm for any occasion and especially for cool-weather. Their logo rayons on the denim, from your feet to your mane. So clench your jaw ready to stalk those who criticize you: you'll have the pride of a lion. Seldom, you'll be the object of attack if you add such pieces to your wardrobe to serve as uniforms.

What criteria to choose the optimal unisex Hoodie?

First, you don't have to worry about the fit as all our hoodies are unisex: something to purr with happiness. What's more, the ribbed cuffs and belts with spandex allow a perfect fit to your big cat morphology. You've got plenty of leeway since we offer 5 sizes, up to 5XL. Then, our fleece hoodies are designed in a classic style and adapt to the diversity of your outfits: a must. So the colors we offer will make your loved ones roar with pleasure. Finally, even in a wild style you won't be able to tear these hoodies. Designed in a strong machine-washable and dryable fabric, at low temperature of course!

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