Ramen Hoodies & Sweatshirts

Why choose ramen noodles for a Japanese design?  

The Japanese flavors and culture make many people dream around the world and what is more typical in Japan than a bowl of ramen? But ramen is much more than a simple dish nowadays, especially in art or anime where it is represented in all its forms. If you are a fan of the land of the rising sun or simply a lover of its cuisine, you will be delighted to wear one of our ramen graphic hooded sweatshirts and one of these designs more qualitative than the others.  In the world of art, you can accompany your ramen with anything like a cute cat, a panda or a Japanese kawaii touch. Wearing one of these comfy clothing is a great way to add a touch of Japanese flavor to your outfits with a graphic style that you love.

Why will you be in heaven wearing our hoodies?

What better soft and comfortable clothing than a hoodie to eat your delicious Japanese food peacefully? Whether it's outdoors or comfortably at home, you'll surely find it hard to leave the comfort of one of our ramen noodles hoodies & sweatshirts.  In front of your bowl of noodles you'll be overwhelmed with a sense of comfort thanks to its perfect cotton blend, elastic waistband and cuffs for a perfect fit, clean seams, and drawstring hood. An easy-to-wear garment with a super-soft fabric that will make you feel like you're in small Tokyo streets at night with your friends, forgetting all the problems of everyday life.

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