Rose Hoodies & Sweatshirts

How to trace the contours of our Hoodie range?

Potted rose adorer or fan of cut flowers in a bouquet? All types of roses are available in our collection of climbing roses hoodie and sweatshirt on your outfit. Flower on fabric delivery is coming and this time you don't need to think about watering your look. Our sumptuous logos are designed for this. In your wardrobe these long-sleeved garments made of sturdy seams will rayon your outfit with a flower arrangement. In your heart you'll keep a soft and carefully cultivated style. As nightwear, sleepwear or sportswear: wear these hoodies made of roses for any occasion.

Which rose should you choose from our range?

Do you like perennials that you plant and pick almost the same day? Then the ones on our Hoodies and Sweatshirts are specially designed for you. Their sweet scents will intoxicate your style without you having to visit your local florist. Prune your flower garden with the pink collection from artist hoodie. It remains to be seen which shade will make you look pale with affection. In terms of pruning, you can choose the usual one, as we offer a wide range of sizes. Their petals will have the effect of a fleece in cool weather in the foliage, while their double mesh will be soft as the return of sunshine.

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