Samurai Hoodies & Sweatshirts

Why wear a samurai warrior hoodie?

Mythical characters of the Edo period, Samurai warriors fascinate more than many other warriors for many reasons. By wearing one of these hoodies & sweatshirts you will be representing these reasons like the legendary code of Bushido principles "The way of the warrior" that shaped the bravery of these warriors. The samurais, besides their virtues, are also important characters in the history of Japan and surely one of the most powerful elements to add a Japanese touch to your outfits. For this, you will surely find your happiness among our graphic hoodies and their high quality samurai designs mixed with other elements of Japanese culture.

Why are our sweaters the best for you?

Another mythical element of the samurais is of course their armor which is among the best in the world and yet weighs less than 25 lbs for some. With us, your armor are these hoodies & sweatshirts that also combine many features. Be ready for battle with a perfect fit thanks to its drawstring hood, elastic cuffs and waist. With clean seams and thick fabric, your garment won't falter in the face of its washing machine enemy. Also, it's super-soft, warm fabric interior will provide you with pleasant moments of rest every day. So wear one of these graphic hooded sweatshirts to add a Japanese touch in the best possible way to your outfit with the Bushido spirit.

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