Sunflower Hoodies & Sweatshirts

What's special about our sunflower hoodies?

In a wide variety of colors you can cultivate your style. With our collection of polar fleece garments with floral prints that will be a sensation with your loved ones. No more need to buy a pretty bouquet or plant at the rhythm of a gardener to fly among butterflies or bees. Unisex sweatshirts and hoodies that provide warmth and softness for any occasion. Our sweatshirts are made of particularly strong double knit seams and are as comfortable as they are durable: what more could you ask for? A myriad of silk-screen printed logos on a quality textile.

Which sunflower would suit you best in the sunshine?

In terms of colors, you can choose between several shades that will bring your outfits to life in the image of nature. As for the waist, do as usual and then you have some room for improvement since the mesh from which our hoodies are woven is elastic. A long-sleeved garment with which you can hood yourself among the butterflies is undoubtedly in this collection. It is easy to cultivate such a garment in your wardrobe. You will be ready for the harvest after flowering with a unique piece in ribbed knit that will glow in the sun. 

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