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Surf Hoodies

How to surf big waves with one of our hoodies?

If you have never taken surfing lessons before, then get ready to paddle out, catch a wave and certainly fall off your board. Except if you have one of the hoodies and sweatshirt we offer in your wardrobe. Available in four shades, in four color blocks, as well as in 8 sizes adapted to a wide variety of morphology. In addition, you will have a bit of leeway due to the elastic fabric from which the garments we offer you are made. A double fleece knit to match the style of the best shapers will be easy. Intermediate or competition surfers will feel the warmth of a plaid all year round after the big waves sessions.  

Which surfing Hoodie should you choose?

Well, you should opt for a logo that will brighten up your outfit as much as it will be useful on surf trips. The ribbed cuffs of this drawstring hoodie will make you feel like you're in a wetsuit. In this sense, the sizes we offer give you some leeway ranging from S to 5XL. The high tide is approaching so don't hesitate to add a real Oahu surfer's suit. In a trendy look, display your sporty soul so that your surf line from the beach looks like good surfing. The breaking waves with a hoodie that acts as armor are probably not going to resist.

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