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  • Can i modify my order?

    Yes, you can modify your order during approximately 24 hours after having completed it. Beyond this time, your articles will be forwarded and the cancellation will only be possible with 50% of expenses.

  • Can i cancel my order?

    You can cancel your order free of charge, only during the preparation step. Beyond this time, you might be charged a 50% cancellation fee.

  • Manufacturing problem

    We refund all products with sewing errors of more than 1 inch or 3 cm depending on the measurements of the product we indicate. Please contact us at with pictures showing these deviations as clearly as possible, our team will answer you in the next few days. 

  • Print does not match the image

    Printing on demand is a manual work that can sometimes have defects, we will be happy to react accordingly for you. Please contact us at so your request can be taken into account by our services. 

  • The chosen size does not suit me

    We provide the exact measurements for each of our hoodies & sweatshirts and the choice of size is your responsibility.

  • Not satisfied with my order

    Any request for return, refund, or exchange must be justified according to the conditions we accept for this purpose. All these terms are listed in this FAQ along with the prerequisites we demand in order to take your complaint into account.


    Written by Emily
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  • How can i track my package?

    All packages we send have a tracking number linked to our site. You just have to fill in your order number and email on this page to have a detailed tracking of each delivery step.

  • Where and how quickly do you deliverer?

    We deliver anywhere in the world. Printing and embroidery are especially exported from the USA and Europe. The delivery time is indicated with regard to Covid-19. Shipping may varies according to the regions of supply and the local sanitary situation, and on the other hand following demands and stocks.

     USA Standard : 5-10 Days Stable
     AUS Standard : 4-10 Days Stable
     EUR Standard : 7-15 Days Variable
     Rest Standard : 7-15 Days Variable
  • I would like to return my package

    In the eventuality of a defective or non-compliant item, the buyer has 15 working days - from receipt of the items - to request an exchange or refund. If the fifteen (15) day period usually expires on a Saturday, Sunday, holidays, or a non-working day, the delay is extended to the first following working day.

    All requests must be justified according to the criteria we accept and approve. Our support is based on the principle of concrete evidence.

  • My items arrived damaged

    We take responsibility for every item delivered to your home damaged in transit. Please contact us at with pictures of the damaged products and our team will answer you in the next few days. 

  • I did not receive my product

    We undertake to return items not supplied by our delivery services 30 days after the order has been placed. Please contact us at so that your request can be processed by our services.

  • I put a wrong address

    Packages will normally be returned to us, and we will take care of the new shipping costs. Please note you must provide us a new address as soon as possible. Otherwise, your items will be donated to charity.


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  • Are my information secure?

    Visually, the SSL certificate is represented by a padlock appearing in the URL bar of the web browser. It is also pictured by an "s" which means "secure" and is added to the "http" the website's "http" protocol in the address bar.

  • What type of payment do you accept?

    The security of your data is one of our core priorities, this is why Artist Hoodie uses only secure payment methods such as Stripe, Paypal or Mastercard.


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  • Who is your company?

    Artist Hoodie is a website fully specialized in unisex hoodies’ and sweatshirts print on demand. Aiming to inspire diversity, we share with our customers distinctive and quality products with a focus on creativity and respect for cultural beliefs. It was founded by two entrepreneurs eager to bring the excellence of licensed designs to a sustainable textile accurately. Based in Paris since 2020, Artist Hoodie, whose primary corporate purpose is to design fashionable and sustainable long-sleeved clothing, now has several thousand clients worldwide. In collaboration with hand-picked designers, we select the best logos to perfectly meet the style and quality requirements in line with our customers' expectations. 

  • How are trees planted for each order?

    The manufacture of textile products, like any other activity, has an environmental cost which we strive to reduce by developing a recycling path. As such, a share of each order goes to our certified partner, Ecologi, in order to plant a tree for each purchased item. In addition, To set up a carbon reduction and compensation plan as well as financing projects with high added value for populations and the environment, locally. 

  • Partnership request

    We will be delighted to see you promote our products if you are happy with your order or just interested. You can contact us at for more information or inquiries. 

  • Do you sell other type of clothing?

    Artist Hoodie is fully owned by ArtistClothing. A company specialized in on-demand printing of quality designs on trendy and durable clothing. However, novelty is our strategy in selling tops. We aim to expand and diversify our design offer and strengthen our commitments to our customers and stakeholders. Artist Tee is currently under development, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter for the latest news&promotions!

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