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Community Soft Flat Earth Hoodie

Regular price $39.90

Product Details

  • Printing and embroidery done locally in the United States or Europe.
  • Perfect blend of quality cotton & polyester to provide optimal comfort.
  • Double-needle fabrication and machine washable, a lifetime garment.
  • Ribbed sleeve cuffs and waistband with spandex for an adjustable fit.
  • Classic-style manufacture, soft and warm with flexible long-sleeves. 
  • The perfect mix between outerwear and loungewear for your daily life.


A hoodie for flat-hearth believers!

Earth is flat, isn’t it? You’ll be on flex with conspiracy wearing this unisex hooded sweater. The spherical approach is far way with the real earth model. Sun and moon might not gravitate around it. So go for a burned logo to switch your cosmology. Conspiracy-theory believers now have the ideal hoody to assert their heliocentric temperament. From any continent, they will be able to feature immovable outfits. This apparel is made from a micropolar mesh with strong seams to believe in the relative sphericity for a long. For the one who launches himself from a flat throughout, you don’t have to believe society anymore. As long as you add this elastic item foo clothing to your cotton-blend wardrobe, you’ll be able to believe in yourself!

Shipping Information

USA Standard : 3-6 Days Stable
AUS Standard : 3-6 Days Stable
EUR Standard : 4-8 Days
Rest Standard : 6-12 Days Variable

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