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Hooded Fleece Geek Nerd Graphic Hoodie

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Product Details

  • Printing and embroidery done locally in the United States or Europe.
  • Perfect blend of quality cotton & polyester to provide optimal comfort.
  • Double-needle fabrication and machine washable, a lifetime garment.
  • Ribbed sleeve cuffs and waistband with spandex for an adjustable fit.
  • Classic-style manufacture, soft and warm with flexible long-sleeves. 
  • The perfect mix between outerwear and loungewear for your daily life.


Proudly assert your nerd side with this hooded sweatshirt! 

Socially you are strange to the point of soaking up the geek subculture daily. With enthusiasm and passion you will be able to finish your favorite game in record time. How to play up your nerdiness in a retro and eminently nerd culture oriented style you'll find no trouble. Self-proclaimed or savage in nature this hoodie will complete your wardrobe of everyday wear. Naturally for geekery or soaking up an imaginary science fiction: the revenge of the nerds awaits only the geek girls and boys and all those for whom video games are an obsession. Only then will you find the faith to be motivated every day in the softest of hoodies and ready to wear the color of Japanese pop culture.

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EUR Standard : 4-8 Days
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